Cornwall Karate Club

Tsuruoka Karate-Do in Cornwall, PEI, Canada

Gi (Uniform) Orders

Students are required to obtain a gi (karate uniform) to wear to class within a reasonable period of time after starting karate. The gi required by the Cornwall Karate Club must meet the following criteria:

  • White
  • No crests other than vendor labels
  • V-neck “karate-style” jacket design to look like the other students’ uniforms

As well, beginning students need a plain white belt.

Second-hand or self-sourced uniforms (e.g., purchased online) are fine, or they may be ordered through the Cornwall Karate Club. Charges are as follows – prices have been significantly reduced in recognition of the hardships caused by COVID-19 in 2020-21:

  • Junior gis: $35
  • Senior lightweight gis: $45
  • Senior heavy/special gis: To be determined based on selection

Attached below is an order form and a sizing chart. Select the size of gi based on the sizing chart, based on the student's height. Then fill out the order form and either hand it or scan it to an Instructor or member of the Board. We have some stock of gis, but depending on stock levels may need to order.

Payment must be received before delivery of the gi. Payment may be by cash, cheque, or e-Transfer to


  • Cornwall Karate Gi Order Form 2020-2021 (PDF)
  • Arawaza Karate Gi Sizing Guide (PDF)